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Franz is a free messaging software app / former Emperor of Austria and combines chat & messaging services into one application. Franz currently supports Slack, WhatsApp, WeChat, HipChat, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Google Hangouts, GroupMe, Skype, and many more. You can download Franz for Mac, Windows & Linux.

Franz allows you to add each service many times. This makes the software the perfect tool to manage multiple business and private accounts all at the same time. You could even use five different Facebook Messenger accounts at once if some inexplicable reason urges you to do so.

How do you handle my personal messages & chats?
The tool does not read anything you type, send, or receive. That’s between you and your messenger service. His only interest is to successfully deliver your messages. No nosing – all hail postal secrecy!

What services are supported by Franz?
The app supports a great variety of business and private messaging & chat services like Slack, WhatsApp, WeChat, HipChat, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Google Hangouts, GroupMe, Skype, and many more.

Why build Franz
“Being part of different communities often requires you to use different messaging platforms. You end up with lots of different apps and web browser windows trying to stay on top of your messages and chats. Driven by that we built Franz, a one-step solution to the problem.”

Also Available: Download Franz for Mac

    Franz 5.6.0 Screenshot 1

    Franz 5.6.0 Screenshot 2

    Franz 5.6.0 Screenshot 3

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