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Cryptomator provides transparent, client-side encryption for your cloud. Protect your documents from unauthorized access. Cryptomator is free and open-source software, so you can rest assured there are no backdoors.

Create vaults in your Dropbox, Google Drive, or wherever you like. Assign a passphrase and you’re ready to go. Store your sensitive data on the virtual drive provided by the app. Wasn’t that easy? It encrypts everything you put into the drive on-the-fly. Your cloud is now secure.

Transparent encryption means you will not notice any difference in working with your files. While the vault containing your encrypted data resides somewhere in your cloud folder, It provides a virtual hard drive through which you can access your files. You can work on this drive as if it were a conventional USB flash drive.

Everything you put onto the virtual hard drive ends up encrypted in your vault. Compared to other disk encryption utilities, Cryptomator encrypts each file individually. So if you edit just a small text file, only the corresponding encrypted file is changed. This way the synchronization client of your cloud storage provider knows exactly what needs to be uploaded and what doesn’t.

Cryptomator encrypts file contents and names using AES. Your passphrase is protected against bruteforcing attempts using a script. Directory structures get obfuscated. The only thing which cannot be encrypted without breaking your cloud synchronization is the modification date of your files.

The source code is already cloned by hundreds of other developers. As you don’t need an account, you will never stand in front of locked doors.

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